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Chris DePippo is an accomplished risk and compliance leader with 20 years of advisory and executive experience in Fortune 125 technology services companies with $6B to $25B global businesses. His career is marked by significant achievements as a strategic architect and day-to-day leader of global risk programs, a seasoned second line risk defender, a determined change agent and culture steward and, more recently, a digital transformation and modernization strategist.


Broadly, Chris’s competencies include best-in-class ethics and compliance program strategy and governance, program assessment and leading practices alignment, values-in-action programs, global expansion, risk assessment and internal controls, risk handling plan administration, 3PRM and due-diligence, Code of Conduct and enterprise policy management, compliance training and education, internal controls monitoring and audit, root cause analysis and continuous improvement, GRC platform/application selection and implementation, strategic process optimization, ethics and compliance program benchmarking, management and Board reporting, and ERM.


In addition, Chris is an experienced investigations leader who has built Fortune 125 internal investigations teams and functions and overseen or directed nearly 1,100 domestic and international investigations of alleged fraud and other misconduct. Here his experience has been to establish helpline and investigator teams, assemble tools, and optimize processes to investigate fraud, public sector bribery, commercial corruption, asset misappropriation, and other misconduct from intake and assignment through investigation, reporting, closure, root cause analysis, and remediation.


Chris is a former Fellow of the Ethics and Compliance Initiative (ECI), an ECI Leadership Professional in Ethics and Compliance (LPEC), and a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional (CCEP). He earned a Bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and a Master of Business Administration from The George Washington University.


Advisory Experience

Before joining SunHawk, in 2020 Chris established his Trio Inspired consultancy to help compliance leaders meet effectiveness and transformation imperatives and risk executives meet demands for value from the discipline of ERM.  As Trio’s Principal Strategist, Chris led for a leading IT services company a current state assessment of the global ethics and compliance function and advised strategies for stronger alignment to regulatory and leading practice frameworks. For a leading investment bank, Chris supported efforts by legal and compliance to scope a strategic process and technology optimization initiative intended to promote consistent execution of standards promulgated by the compliance function’s central rules/policy and training teams. And for a technology and legal services company, Chris led a strategic exploration of the potential to commercialize outsourced, right-shored “managed compliance and investigations as-a-service” business opportunities in the risk and compliance domain.


Executive Experience

Before leading Trio, Chris spent 12 years with Fortune 125 enterprise technology services provider DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC) and its predecessor, CSC, as the company’s first-ever Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer and ERM leader. Soon after his 2008 arrival at CSC, the company came under investigation by the SEC for certain accounting, internal control, and disclosure irregularities. An independent Board investigation followed. 


In response, Chris secured Board approval for the values-based ethics and compliance and internal investigations programs he would build and lead for more than a decade, and which would provide opportunity to develop and refine the expertise he delivers SunHawk clients today. His role as the architect and leader of these programs helped CSC settle the matter without criminal charges—consistent with the terms of the settlement order, Chris twice certified to the government that his programs had adopted certain remediations recommended by an independent compliance consultant and comported fully with the effectiveness criteria set forth in the US Federal Sentencing Guidelines’ Effective Compliance and Ethics Program framework.


Earlier, Chris began his compliance career while at Affiliated Computer Services, then a $6B global provider of diversified business process outsourcing and IT services to government and commercial clients. In 2003, not long after the accounting scandals that collapsed Enron and WorldCom, Chris was named to a team responsible to bring ACS into compliance with newly-enacted Sarbanes-Oxley legislation. Later, in 2007, he was appointed VP and Group Compliance Officer for ACS’s $2.4B US state and local government business and given responsibility to develop for that business a compliance program that would evidence more strongly the effectiveness criteria outlined by the US Federal Sentencing Guidelines.


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