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Chris Morris is a forensic accountant with over a decade of experience in the health care and life science sectors, including the development of customized and robust risk assessment processes for two pharmaceutical corporations. A Certified Public Accountant licensed in the state of Arizona, Mr. Morris has extensive experience in healthcare finance and accounting with a strong focus upon FCPA investigations and compliance assessments, and deep expertise in the development of new or enhanced reporting and auditing solutions for clients’ various reporting needs. His experience includes assisting in the development and implementation of compliance programs, managing multiple Independent Review Organization reviews across both the pharmaceutical and provider industries, and auditing and monitoring associated with compliance programs. He also has broad-based experience in the assessment, development, and implementation of aggregate spend systems.


Mr. Morris has assisted clients in the healthcare industry to establish and maintain compliance programs. He has implemented compliance and financial audits while assisting clients in preparation for or response to Deferred Prosecution Agreements and Corporate Integrity Agreements. He has developed complex database models for a variety of purposes and resolved billing disputes based on sampling and extrapolation of historical claims transactions.


In the course of his work experience, Mr. Morris has developed complex financial models and analyzed large volumes of billing and reimbursement data in a variety of industry areas within healthcare. The data intensive programs with which Mr. Morris is proficient include Microsoft Access and SAS. In a previous role as the Controller of a regional hospice, he oversaw all finance, accounting and auditing activities for a regional hospice with over $20M annual revenues. This included establishing audit protocols, cash flow projections, and detailed expense analyses. He was the Corporate Privacy Officer during his employment.

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