Forensic Accounting & Investigations

SunHawk professionals have collectively overseen more than 1,100 investigations in 19 countries. Our roster includes former federal agents, investigators at major accounting firms, as well as a Director of Investigations for a Fortune 400 company. Our professionals can step in to support as needed or lead the investigation from the discovery of the issue to close out and remediation. SunHawk professionals have worked with clients on a variety of matters involving investigations and forensic analysis, and have experience in the following areas:


  • Healthcare claim under/overpayments

  • Alleged violations of Federal and/or State healthcare laws, statutes and rules

  • Bribery/Kickback schemes

  • Anti-corruption, ethics violations, and other business-related investigations

  • Fraud and whistleblowers

  • Forensic accounting

  • Conflicts of interest

  • Privacy and HIPAA issues

  • Cyber and other data breaches

  • Embezzlement or asset misappropriation

  • Transactional Investigations and due diligence

  • Contract compliance

  • Insurance claims and advisory services

  • Improper use of company assets and theft

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Complex Litigation & Disputes

Auction Hammer

Our finance, economic, and accounting professionals work closely with you during all stages of the litigation dispute cycle, including, but not limited to case strategy, discovery, expert testimony, damages, and settlement.


Below are some examples of disputes, both civil and criminal litigation our experts have previously assisted in clients with:

  • State and federal investigations, including violation of healthcare laws, statutes, and rules

  • Qui tam threats or actions

  • Payer/provider disputes, including reimbursement analysis, calculation of usual and customary charges, and paid amounts

  • Violations of the FCPA and related laws and rules

  • Breach of contract and lost profit claims


Bankruptcy and Receivership Services

Bankruptcy Services: Success in bankruptcy often depends on communicating, in plain language and precise, terms complex financial issues and solutions to a myriad of parties with divergent interests.


SunHawk’s professionals assist a wide range of clients and their legal counsel in complex commercial bankruptcy proceedings with the goal of quickly and efficiently reaching a strategic solution. We serve as financial advisors, chief restructuring officers, examiners, and testifying experts. We offer a comprehensive array of bankruptcy services, including debtor and creditor advisory, interim management, Examiner and expert witness services. We provide extensive critical, analytic skills, and industry expertise at every stage of the process, from pre-bankruptcy planning to plan confirmation and final decree.


Receivership Services: Fiduciary appointments most often involve companies with a mix of financial, operational, and litigation issues that have lost the trust of one or more stakeholders. In such cases, what’s needed is a fiduciary with broad, deep, and direct experience, coupled with technical expertise and impartiality. Our experts have been appointed or worked on more than seventy (70) receiverships including operating companies, commercial and residential real estate, and other specific assets in dozens of industries. In these proceedings, we oversee company assets and operations and help administer, protect, and sometimes liquidate collateral.


We work closely with all stakeholders to ensure the company and/or its assets are well-managed while the parties seek to resolve their litigation matters.


SunHawk professionals have also been appointed as independent bankruptcy examiners and offer services in matters requiring extensive expertise in the areas of bankruptcy, restructuring, litigation, and investigation including:

  • Debtor advisory services

  • Creditor advisory services

  • Distressed transaction services

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Mergers and Acquisitions: Regulatory Due Diligence

The last thing anybody wants is a private equity firm to walk away from a deal because they view a company as a “high-risk” acquisition. SunHawk’s team will perform a thorough and aggressive review of all existing programs and identify areas for improvement or remediation in advance of a deal.


Our team includes former regulators, in-house management, compliance professionals, licensed medical providers, certified coders, certified public accountants, certified fraud examiners, and attorneys. We assess your exposure, review past claims audits, make extrapolations and incorporate the latest regulatory guidance into our recommendations – a critical assessment not typically performed during the traditional financial and legal due diligence process. We work together to provide you with succinct and understandable reports.


Provider Payment Modeling and Forecasting

Changes in payment methodologies are a fact of life for providers. In the recent past Providers moved from cost coverage to prospective payment. Now, Providers face value-based payment contracts which require improved health outcomes without increasing costs.


Our professionals can develop new payment forecast models and calculate the fiscal impacts on providers and health systems from these types of paradigm shifts. Changes in payment structure can have dramatic — sometimes catastrophic — effects on a provider that is optimized for the old payment system. No matter where you are on the payment-change continuum, we can help you gain a clear view of your risk and proactively manage the changeover.

Flexible Payment Planning


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