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Kimulet Winzer has 25 years of Medicaid managed care experience.   She’s worked with healthcare providers, advocates, regulators, payor plans, attorneys, vendors, lobbyists and healthcare leaders on a myriad of operational remediations, innovations and core compliance program development, implementations and training.  Most recently she served in a leadership role with UnitedHealthcare as a regional compliance director for the Medicaid program. Prior to her 13 years with UnitedHealthcare she helped to build and implement Medicaid and Medicare DSNP Compliance programs; oversee member and provider grievance and appeal processes and help in the understanding of regulatory changes impacting the delivery of managed Medicaid services and programs.

In addition, for the past 8 years Kimulet has contributed her time to volunteering in the area of early childhood development where the regional council she serves on oversees the administration of $20 million through determining strategy, vendor selection and overseeing vendor performance for the state of Arizona’s early childhood development agency. She is a Flinn-Brown Civic Leadership Fellow and a lifetime member of Arizona Town Hall.

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