Kimulet Winzer presenting at the 2022 HCCA Managed Care Conference

SunHawk Consulting, LLC is excited to announce that Director Kimulet Winzer will be presenting at the 2022 HCCA Managed Care Conference! Don't miss out on her presentation on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Compliance Space.


About the Speaker

Kimulet Winzer


SunHawk Consulting, LLC

Kimulet Winzer has 25 years of Medicaid managed care experience. She’s worked with healthcare providers, advocates, regulators, payor plans, attorneys, vendors, lobbyists and healthcare leaders on a myriad of operational remediation's, innovations and core compliance program development, implementations and training. Most recently she served in a leadership role with UnitedHealthcare as a regional compliance director for the Medicaid program. Prior to her 13 years with UnitedHealthcare she helped to build and implement Medicaid and Medicare DSNP Compliance programs; oversee member and provider grievance and appeal processes and help in the understanding of regulatory changes impacting the delivery of managed Medicaid services and programs.