OIG Assesses Hospice 14-Day Visit Compliance

Kristine Tomzik & Jan Elezian, Chicago, IL - In November 2019, CMS released a report specific to the hospice industry focused on Medicare Condition of Participation requirement of RN supervisory visits on all hospice aides providing care to patients, at least every 14 days. The purpose of the visit is to assess and document the quality of care and services provided by hospice aides.

The 14-day supervisory visit requirement is one of the most frequently cited Conditions of Participation deficiency. Compliance with this requirement is one of the most challenging for hospice agencies to deal with due to:

  • lack of agency leadership oversight;

  • scheduling errors;

  • employee turnover; and

  • lack of education and training.

Given these SunHawk suggests hospice agencies consider taking the following steps to raise their levels of compliance with the 14-day RN supervisory visit requirement:

  1. Educate leadership on their CoP oversight responsibility and accountability.

  2. Educate all RN staff on their CoP performance and documentation expectations.

  3. Pre-Schedule all 14-day RN supervisory visits for patients receiving hospice aide services.

  4. Incorporate this CoP compliance into your QAPI Program documentation review and reporting.

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