"Communicating with Regulators and Enforcement Personnel," moderated by Jim Rough, Preside

SunHawk Consulting

The Health Care Compliance Association’s Board Audit Committee Compliance Conference is designed for healthcare organization board members, compliance officers, and senior leaders.

Jim Rough, President, SunHawk Consulting, will be discussing the False Claims Act, Opioid Epidemic and pitfalls that should be avoided when commicating with Regulators and Enforcement Professionals. This discussion will continue with. the following Panelists:

Chris Schrank

Special Agent in Charge, Los Angeles Regional Office,

Health & Human Services, Office of Inspector General; and

Lon Leavitt

Assistant United States Attorney, Civil Health Care Fraud Coordinator, District of Arizona​

HCCA Board Audit and Compliance Conference in Scottsdale Arizona

If you would like more information about False Claims Act, Opioid Epidemic and/or Communicating with Regulators and Enforcement Professionals or would like to request a speaker on this topic for your organization or event, contact one of our SunHawk Experts.

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