Shawn DeGroot compliance consultant

Shawn DeGroot is an Advisor to the President of SunHawk Consulting, LLC.  Shawn is a Certified Healthcare Compliance Fellow, Certified in Healthcare Privacy Compliance, Certified in Healthcare Research Compliance and a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional. 


Shawn has in-depth experience with corporate integrity agreements, developed compliance and privacy programs that were non-existent to enhancing existing programs to be robust and effective.  Shawn has represented providers as an expert witness for legal privacy matters, has experience with state and federal governmental investigations, as well as associated corrective action plans.  Shawn has provided corporate executives and boards with expert guidance in complex compliance issues.   


In the course of developing compliance programs within multi-state integrated healthcare delivery systems, she successfully integrated the functions of internal audit, privacy, information security, research integrity, provider orientation and auditing into a comprehensive compliance program.  Routine and annual educational programs were constructed and provided to the governing board, executives and employed physicians on current and future regulatory issues.


Shawn has extensive experience with the healthcare industry on a regional and national level.  Shawn served as President of the Health Care Compliance Association and the Society of Compliance and Ethics with over 17,000 members and continues to serve on the board.  Shawn has served on the HCCA faculty for the basic, advanced and privacy academies as well as authored numerous articles and publications for MD News, HCCA Compliance Today, Journal for Healthcare Compliance, Modern Healthcare and Trustee.

SHAWN DEGROOT Advisor to the President

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