Compliance, Internal Audit, Accounting, and Investigations Staff

SunHawk’s diverse team of experts can provide the right person with actual in-house experience, technical skills, proven leadership, and most importantly the personality to quickly adapt to working with any size healthcare entity’s senior management team. SunHawk professionals will ensure an organization does not drop the ball on any active or new compliance issues and will use our proprietary resources to help increase the effectiveness of the current compliance program no matter its maturity.


Our experienced professionals are happy to assist in the recruitment and placement of the right permanent replacement by leveraging our extensive list of contacts and past experience. SunHawk will leave the incoming compliance or privacy officer with a roadmap to quickly take the reins.

SunHawk provides support to our clients in many forms including:


  • Offering a full range of advisory services for compliance officers

  • Stepping in as a part or full-time Designated Compliance Officer until a new hire is made


Need Help On A Full or Part-Time Basis?

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